Thermal transfer printing is a widely adopted technique for label printing, utilizing roll-form labels and printing ribbons. This method employs lower heat settings than laser toner printing, offering a versatile selection of paper and film label materials and a diverse range of label adhesives to cater to specialized labeling applications.

Technicode, one of the leading suppliers of high-quality thermal printing supplies and printers in the United States, offers a wide variety of compatible labels! We understand the importance of reliable and durable labels for your labeling needs. That’s why we are committed to delivering top-notch products that meet your expectations in terms of quality, performance, and longevity.

Popular Types of Thermal Transfer Printers

The following are some of the most common and widely used printer labels in the industry:


Zebra® is a renowned printing industry brand known for its high-quality printers and compatible labels. Their printers are widely recognized for their reliability, durability, and efficient performance. Whether it’s barcode printing, compliance labeling, or other specialized labeling needs, Zebra® provides reliable solutions that meet the demands of businesses across different sectors.


Datamax® printers have advanced features, user-friendly interfaces, and superior printing capabilities. They provide excellent print resolution and support high-speed printing, making them suitable for high-volume label production. On the other hand, Datamax® labels deliver exceptional print clarity and durability, ensuring accurate barcode scanning and long-lasting label performance.


Intermec® printers are known for their ruggedness, reliability, and versatility. They are designed to withstand harsh environments and consistently perform in demanding industrial settings. Meanwhile, Intermec® labels are engineered to provide exceptional durability, ensuring that labeling elements remain intact and legible throughout their lifecycle.


Sato® is a trusted brand specializing in barcode printing and labeling solutions. Sato® printers are recognized for their high-quality printing, fast processing speeds, and user-friendly features. In addition, their labels are designed to deliver sharp and clear prints. This ensures accurate barcode scanning and efficient labeling operations.


Avery® printer labels work seamlessly with various printer brands and models, providing convenience and compatibility. They offer a comprehensive selection of label sizes, materials, and adhesive options for different labeling applications. Their labels are also known for their quality and versatility, ensuring crisp prints and reliable adhesion to various surfaces.


With their user-friendly interfaces and high-speed printing capabilities, Monarch® printers streamline labeling processes and ensure accurate barcode scanning. On the other hand, their labels are designed to provide clear and durable prints, ensuring efficient inventory management and product identification. Whether it’s shelf labeling, price marking, or asset tracking, Monarch® offers dependable solutions.


From desktop to industrial models, Eltron® printers deliver fast and high-quality prints, enabling efficient label production. Their labels also meet diverse labeling needs, providing excellent print clarity and durability. These make Eltron® a dependable choice for creating shipping labels, identification labels, or asset tags.

Other types of printer labels include the following:

  • Blaster®
  • Printronix®
  • Brother®
  • DYMO®
  • Brady®
  • Primera®
  • Fargo®

Experience High-Quality Thermal Transfer Printing with Technicode!

At Technicode, we offer a comprehensive selection of thermal transfer ribbons, ensuring that we have the right solution for your specific application! Whether you need ribbons for barcode labels, shipping labels, product labels, or any other labeling requirement, we have you covered. Our ribbons are also available in various sizes, colors, and formulations, allowing you to find the perfect match for your printing needs.

With Technicode as your trusted partner, you can confidently meet your printing needs with our range of compatible thermal transfer printer ribbons. Experience the difference of high-quality printing and reliable performance by choosing us today.

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